Paramedic Alex Milliner

Paramedic Alex MillinerBack when I was training as a nurse, going on a ride-out with an ambulance crew was a real turning point for me. I found being a nurse too restrictive, but the chance to get out on the road, straight to emergencies was brilliant.

I grew up on a farm in the West Country – so it’s no surprise I don’t like being indoors. I joined an ambulance service in Somerset, and worked there for two years.

Now I’m working as a paramedic within London Ambulance Service - I joined on their student programme. For me, working in London is perfect. I can be in a multimillion pound mansion one day and a tiny, overcrowded flat the next. I’ve seen and learnt more here in a few years than I would in a lifetime in Somerset – the pace and complexity of the work is incredible. It’s so unpredictable too – you really have to engage your brain.

People live closer together in London, but they’re not always well-integrated. A lot of people we see have complex medical conditions that haven’t been treated before. They could be coughing up blood, but have never seen a doctor. Pure emergency like that is what makes our work really interesting.