Molly Tarawally, Student Paramedic

Why did you join London Ambulance Service?

The summer before I was supposed to start university to study geography, I was in a really serious car crash. I was driving on the A406 when my car was crushed between two lorries.

The lorry behind me pushed me under the lorry in froStudent paramedic Molly Tarawallynt. I can’t remember the paramedics treating me but I do remember the fire brigade cutting me out of the car.

I was treated at the scene for more than an hour before London’s Air Ambulance flew me to the Royal London Hospital.

It was while I was recovering in hospital I decided I wanted to work for the NHS and to change my degree to something vocational and I decided to apply to do a Paramedic Science degree.

Do you get practical training alongside your degree?

I have just finished my first year at Anglia Ruskin University.

During that time I spent 10 weeks of placement with London Ambulance Service which was scary but really exciting.

We go straight into 12 hour shifts and by my second day I was helping to treat patients: we get to do observations, ECGs, take histories, handovers at hospital. Training to be a paramedic is hard work but it is so rewarding.

What’s your most memorable moment so far?

On one of my shifts I saw a paramedic who looked familiar. It turns out he was one of the paramedics who treated me after my accident. He helped to save my life. Now I am saving lives.

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