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We receive over 1,000 thank-you letters a year. Here are just a few of the kind messages from patients we have treated.

Find out how to send a card or letter to thank the staff that treated you or someone you know.

"I had a car accident on the A217 and was attended to by one of your teams (Jemma and Ian). I would like to convey to them most sincerely my appreciation for their professionalism and kindness. It was a very frightening experience to have an accident and I found their approach and management reassuring, calming and good humoured. I was taken to hospital. The crew assured me that my son knew where I was and made sure that all my belongings were with me. I also received excellent care at the hospital and was discharged.

I am a GP in Norfolk and know that all of us in the NHS work hard to deliver as good a service as possible to the community, and expectations are high. Your team is a great credit to their profession."

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the work of two of your staff - Kristina and Matthew. They came to my aid and were just superb. I cannot praise them enough for their kindness and efficiency. I have been in and out of hospital a lot recently, but these two people were amongst the best I’ve been treated"

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"The paramedic said to me that my prompt actions saved my wife’s life. I believe it was the speed and efficiency of Stephen and Nicky, (to the hospital in 20 minutes) that allowed me a second chance. I am so grateful to them to have my wife back home with me.

Next year we will be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary and it is in no small measure the actions of your staff that has allowed us to celebrate. Too many people complain easily nowadays, I just wanted to record my huge admiration and heartfelt thanks to the two ambulance crew and most importantly to the first responder that arrived with us within what felt like 30 seconds of the call being made. They are all welcome back to our house for a cup of tea any time they are driving past."

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"To the paramedic, Andy, who arrived first you were so self assured that you gave me the confidence to feel all was not lost. You were a true professional and treated my dad like I would have treated him, and for that I am truly  grateful. I can’t thank you enough, you made me feel confident that dad was in safe hands. 

My nightmare was made 100 per cent better by your excellent care which began with Nicola on the phone, who was very sweet while waiting for the arrival of you all. My Mum and my family will always be truly grateful for all you did."


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