Medics reunited with premature twins they helped to safely deliver

28 September 2017

Medics from London Ambulance Service who helped deliver premature twins have been reunited with the baby boys.

Paramedics deliver twinsTatiana Leduc was only 32 weeks pregnant when her waters broke in January this year. The 44-year-old called 999 and a paramedic in a fast response car arrived in six minutes.

She said: “I thought the babies would come very fast and the paramedic was preparing for me to give birth in the front room but then the ambulance arrived very quickly.

“I couldn’t feel the babies so I did feel afraid but my little boy and my mother were there so I had to remain calm. I concentrated on my breathing and just tried to reassure everyone else.”

Paramedic Chris New-Tolley – who had never delivered a baby before - and ambulance crew Rashed Khan put Tatiana in the ambulance and headed to University College Hospital. 

Tatiana said: “We were five minutes from the hospital when I said I needed to push. They stopped the ambulance and I delivered the first baby’s feet but he was stuck, so then we continued on to hospital.

“I didn’t know if the baby was alive.”

Premature twins 2Chris, 24, said: “When you’re training, you’re told it’s usually just a matter of catching the baby when it comes out and that complications are very rare. But on this job we seemed to have all the complications!”

Both babies were born healthy but needed special care as they were so small. The first baby – Winston – was delivered 40 minutes after Tatiana’s waters broke and weighed 3lbs 9oz. The second baby – Leonard – arrived 20 minutes later, weighing just over 3lbs.

Chris and Rashed left the hospital not knowing whether the babies would survive.

Chris said: “It was nerve-wracking because I was worried for the babies and I didn’t know what happened.

“It was amazing when Tatiana got in touch and it was so lovely to see them again. They are gorgeous babies and it is so rewarding to know we helped to ensure their safe arrival.”

The babies were kept in intensive care for three weeks but once they were discharged, Tatiana was determined to track down the medics who had helped her.

She said: “They were so quick, they were so calm, they stayed with me throughout.

“There were so many people at UCH: a team for twin one, a team for twin two, and a team for me and also all the students.

“Amongst all those people, it was so great to have the ambulance crew looking after me and concerned for me. I wanted to find them and say thank you tell them that the babies are healthy.”

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