Treating and tweeting road collisions in the capital - #Crash24

5 December 2011

BBC news reporters will follow the London Ambulance Service for 24 hours tomorrow (6 December) as it responds to dozens of road traffic collisions in London.

Every road accident will be captured through the Service’s Twitter page,, under #Crash24, and through live updates on the BBC website. News reporters will also file stories from the scene and the control room for TV and radio.

Throughout the day 12 journalists will accompany paramedics in cars to see first hand how the service responds to around 80 road traffic collisions a day.

Deputy Director of Operations Jason Killens said: “The impact of these accidents goes largely unreported in London. Crash24 gives us the opportunity to put the spotlight on traffic collisions and the impact they have on road users. It will also highlight the skills and expertise of our staff who treat patients at the scene before taking them to trauma centres or hospitals across the capital.”

Crash24 is part of a week long special BBC report focusing on road collisions. The BBC has produced an interactive map which plots every fatal accident in the UK between 1999 and 2010.
Jason said: “In London alone we go to around 80 road traffic incidents a day, varying from minor scrapes to fatal collisions. Through Crash24 we want to remind Londoners to always wear a seat belt, don’t drink or take drugs or use your phone and drive. This simple advice really can mean the difference between life and death.

 “One of the biggest problems we face when dealing with incidents on the road is getting an exact location from the person who rings 999. Our advice is, use a landline to call if you can as we will be able to pinpoint your location. It’s also a good idea to use landmarks such as the name of a shop to help us find you quickly.”

Notes to editors:

  • Of the 3,000 incidents our staff attend each day, around 80 are road traffic collisions. That’s about 2,350 a month.
  • We attend more road incidents between 5pm and 6pm, and on Fridays
    In 2010 we attended approximately 28,400 road accidents - October was our busiest month (2858 incidents).
  • In 2011 July has been the busiest month so far (2630 road traffic incidents)
  • Out of the 28,404 who were taken to hospital following road traffic accidents in 2010, about 25 per cent were aged between 21 and 30 and five per cent were under ten. Over half of these patients were male, around 55 per cent.
  • The BBC crash map

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