Paramedics commended for helping to save lives in the Paris terror attacks

4 May 2016

Paramedics Laura Mannes and William HarrisonTwo London paramedics who went to the aid of victims of last November’s Paris terrorist attacks while on holiday in the French capital were presented with a Chief Executive’s Commendation award last week in recognition of their bravery.

Laura Mannes and William Harrison were seated at a café with Laura’s parents when they heard what they believed to be gunshots. They quickly returned to their hotel apartment ushering Parisians off the street and to the safety of their room.

After taking pillowcases, sheets and towels from their apartment William and Laura made the brave decision to go back out on to the street, to help treat people who had been seriously injured outside a nearby restaurant.

William said: “We made the decision to go back down to the street and see what we could do to help so we grabbed some linen from around our apartment.

“We came across the restaurant that had been attacked and there was a car outside that had been hit with lots of bullets.

“We found two people lying next to the car that were bleeding quite badly. We treated their wounds using the things we had taken from our apartment as makeshift bandages to try and stop the bleeding.”

Laura and William carried on treating the victims until the emergency services arrived.

They received a standing ovation at a staff awards evening last week (Thursday 29 April) where Chief Executive Dr Fionna Moore presented them with their award, she said: “It was an honour to present William and Laura with this thoroughly deserved commendation.

“The actions they took that day were brave and inspiring and also showed the level of commitment and dedication they have to helping save lives, wherever they are and whatever situation they find themselves in. They should be extremely proud.”

Laura said: “It was truly humbling to receive this award. This was a terrifying incident to be caught up in and affected us both deeply but we knew we had to do anything we could to help.”


  • Laura and William are a couple
  • They are from Australia and have been working in London for just over a year.
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