Bottle thrown at ambulance on emergency call

17 August 2009

Smashed ambulance windowThe London Ambulance Service is calling for greater respect for staff after a Battersea ambulance crew was attacked on Edgware Road.

Emergency Medical Technician Tina Cox and Paramedic Graham Adams were responding to an emergency call at just after 9 pm on Saturday 8 August when a bottle was thrown at their ambulance.

“We were on blue lights on the way to a call and we heard an explosion. The next thing we were covered in glass – it was everywhere,” said Tina.

An empty bottle had smashed through Tina’s passenger side window showering her and Graham in shards of broken glass, and leaving them with cuts and bruises.

Tina – who’s been with the Service for 15 years – said: “Thankfully I was looking the other way, away from where the bottle smashed through the window, otherwise I could’ve been seriously hurt.”

Unable to continue to their original destination, the crew were forced to pull over and call for back-up.

Graham – who’s also been in the Service for 15 years – said: “It’s disgusting behaviour really, there’s no place for it. The London Ambulance Service is here to help people, there’s just no excuse.

“It was pretty frightening and at first we didn’t know what had happened. Looking back we were very lucky – we could’ve crashed, injuring ourselves and members of the public, or come out of it with serious cuts from flying glass.”

Assistant Director of Operations Paul Woodrow said: “We were shocked to hear about this incident; violence against our staff is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. 

“It is a very sad situation when those who are providing a valuable service to Londoners are attacked by people from the very community they serve.  Our staff should be able to do their job without the fear of attack or intimidation.

“We are doing all we can to support Tina and Graham and help to pursue a prosecution.”

After their ordeal, Tina and Graham were back at work the following night.

Police have said that the suspect is described as being a man of 30 years old, black and about 5ft 10” tall with shoulder-length hair. Anyone with information regarding the incident should contact Westminster CID on 020 7321 8510.

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