Crash24 - Tuesday 6 December 2011

Crash 24 - RTC 300x200The BBC followed the London Ambulance Service for 24 hours on Tuesday 6 December, as we responded to dozens of road traffic collisions across the capital.

Over the course of the day the Service attended 75 collisions involving 14 cyclists, 18 pedestrians and 11 motorcyclists.

#Crash24 - live news feed

Every road accident was captured by the BBC team and could be viewed through:

Calling 999 from the scene of an accident

It can be a traumatic experience if you witness or are involved in a road traffic collision. However, we rely on accurate information to get to the injured patients as quickly as possible.

One of the biggest problems we face when dealing with incidents on the road is getting an exact location from the person who rings 999. It is a good idea to use landmarks such as the name of a road or number and name of a shop to help us find you quickly.

Top tips for staying safe on the roads

London’s roads are busy, and during morning and evening rush hour more collisions happen than at any other time of the day. We have asked our motorcycle and cycle paramedics for their top tips on riding safely around London, and the most common dangers to look our for.

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