Episode two: The night shift

Dean LowesEpisode two  looks at the difficult decisions facing the Service as we respond to emergencies on a busy night shift.

While staff in our control room take thousands of calls and allocators prioritise the sickest patients, they also contend with hoaxers, frequent callers and run-away patients.

One frequent caller, who suffers with dementia, has phoned15 times in one evening, even after visits by clinicians who agreed she didn't need their medical assistance, leaving staff facing the difficult decision of saying no to her heart rending pleas for help.

On the road, ambulance crew Shani and Dave express their frustrations as they are diverted away from an elderly man who’s been waiting almost three hours after a fall, to a woman having a miscarriage – but all is not what it seems.

Meanwhile paramedic Dean and trainee emergency ambulance crew (TEAC) Andy show incredible care and compassion to a 94 year old woman, who keeps them entertained as they treat her.

The following evening, emergency medical dispatcher Emma spends an hour and a half on the phone reassuring a suicidal patient who is running away from the crews trying to track him in the busy streets of London.

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