Episode three: The weekend shift


Episode three, the last in the series, sees the Service brace itself for a demanding weekend shift as Londoners head out to play.

In Brixton, ambulance crew Dan and Donna respond to a man who’s become agitated after taking a drug overdose. When he becomes aggressive, advanced paramedic Rich McGirr arrives to support the crew as they take him to hospital. Meanwhile, paramedic Andy Whitehouse comes to the aid of a man who has been violently assaulted at his favourite kebab house.

It’s a happier Friday night in the control room, where five babies are being delivered over the phone, but when Saturday comes, ambulance dispatchers are forced to make tough calls about who gets an ambulance quickest and who will have wait.

Fulham ambulance crew Ned and Nick have a busy night in the centre of town, where they treat two stabbing victims in one night. And over in East London, medics Paul and Abi are called to a comedy club to treat a woman who thinks tight underwear has caused her to faint.

As the weekend comes to an end, a call comes in about a miscarriage, and all the preparation in the world can't shield the control room and the medics on scene from the emotional toll of sharing a personal tragedy.

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