Teachers' TV booze bus transcipt

It is a Friday night in central London and we join Student Paramedic Tom Lemon on the alternative response vehicle.

Tom: “It’s affectionately known as the ‘booze bus’.

We see shots of London as the ‘booze bus’ drives around the West End and then we’re back on board at the beginning of the shift.

Tom: “We put these on the chairs for people who vomit, and have a bag ready to hand to catch their sick in.

“This bus works three nights a week and picks up about 40 people a weekend, so yeah, they’re sick quite a lot.”

Tom takes a call from the control room.

 “Twenty-four-year-old female who is drunk, okay.

“That was the first call of the night which was a 24 female outside a pub, collapsed. Yeah they don’t get in to a very pretty state – just because of alcohol. Just because of drinking too much.”

The ‘booze bus arrives at the patient who is on the pavement outside. We see a crowd of people and blue flashing lights.

Tom: “She’s just drunk a lot too quickly has she? Has she had dinner tonight, or is that what’s all around the floor?

“Hello, Nicola? Nicola, The ambulance is here now…

The patient is helped on board by Tom.

“Have a seat over here, there we go. You need to stay awake and answer some questions Alright? Sit yourself up.”

Staff help the patient and take some observations

Tom (voiceover): “If somebody’s had too much to drink it’s their own fault and its self induced. What they need is to be taken to a place of safety and observed, to make sure they don’t get into any danger.

The ambulance crew continue to help the patient.

Tom: “Nicola’s obviously had a lot to drink, at least a bottle of wine, a number of alcopops and shooters which she’s drank at quite high speed and this is the desired effect

Paramedic: “It’s not the desired effect, its an effect.”

A paramedic is on the phone.

“Do you want us to contact you when she gets there, will you be going to the hospital?2

“That was her mum I spoke to. She said give her a call when we get to the hospital.”

Tom: “Are they going to meet us there?”

Paramedic: “I think she’s going to make her way down there yeah.”

Tom is filling out some paperwork.

Tom: “Are you alright Nicola? If you feel sick there’s a bag in front of you.”

We see the ‘booze bus’ arrive at hospital through its windscreen. Tom and his colleague help the patient off the bus and into a wheelchair.

Tom “We’re going to take you in, are you going to help us out? Stand up, that’s it. Open your eyes, look where you’re going.”

The patient is taken off towards A&E.

 Tom (to camera): “Now we’re going to get her handed in to the nurses and go and do another one.”

The phone rings.

“And here’s another one.”

Tom is sat in the back of the booze bus talking to camera as they head to another call: “We get a lot of problems with ketamine, GHB, methadrone. Ketamine’s the prevalent one with the rave culture at the moment which is a horse tranquiliser. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but apparently to some people it is.”

We see a patient in the street being wheeled into the ‘booze bus’ on a trolley bed.

Tom : “The phone just keeps ringing, and we keep picking people up trying not to get vomit on ourselves.”

The crew help a female patients on to the ‘booze bus’.

Tom: “Right Abi, big step up now. That’s it. Sit yourself there. Stop with that kicking, alright. The bag is around your neck, so if you’re going to be sick be sick in that not on our bus.”

Tom (to camera) “We’ll get another call, and another call, and another call until we’v3e got a bus full of drunk people with bags around their necks…”

The phone rings

Tom “Here we go again.”

Tom tries to get some details from the patient…

Tom: “Abi, what’s your date of birth then?”

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