Christmas party season

The build up to Christmas tends to be a busy time, with more people than usual out celebrating with friends and work colleagues. During this period we run the ‘booze bus’. 

Soho alcohol recovery centre

A paramedic looks after a patient in the West End treatment centreSoho alcohol recovery centre is an alternative to busy A&E departments for people who’ve overdone it in London’s party hotspots.

Until September 2013 it was open to patients who had been picked up by our crews. The centre provided a safe and warm place for people to sober up, providing appropriate, first-class medical care from our staff and did not have to go to A&E departments.

Facts and figures


  • The centre closed


  • The centre was open 10 nights (15-31 December)
  • We treated 180 patients


  • The centre was open 18 nights (19 November - 31 December)
  • We treated 286 patients 
  • Only ten needed further treatment at hospital


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is traditionally the busiest evening of the year for us, with many of the calls in the early hours of the new year being alcohol-related.

During this period, we are supported by members of St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross, who set up treatment centres in the central London area.

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