Make a booking

Bookings can only be made by clinicians.

Once your patient has been referred to hospital, you can arrange transport to take them to and from their appointment by completing a booking form (AS3).

For ad-hoc bookings, please contact us by telephone to discuss your requirements before you complete the booking form.

Please read the following before you complete the form.

  • Ensure the pick-up address and patient’s telephone number are correct, and are legible.
  • Select the type of transport needed based on your patient’s level of mobility. Take account of access issues such as stairs or steps

You can request a non-medical escort, for example a relative or friend, if the patient is:

  • under 16
  • very frail or elderly
  • has mental health problems or learning difficulties
  • undergoing traumatic treatment sessions.

Remember that an escort will occupy a seat that could be used by another patient. Escorts will only be conveyed if authorised by the treating hospital or clinic booking the transport.

  • Record any additional requests on the booking form. For example:
  • if it is essential that your patient arrives at a specific time and arrives punctually
  • if your patient is infectious
  • if your patient requires oxygen therapy en-route
  • if your patient needs to bring any medical equipment with them.

Your booking forms must arrive with us at least 24 hours before the patient’s journey. Notify us immediately if your patient’s appointment details change or you need to cancel the booking.

Contact us

Please contact us if you wish to make an ad-hoc booking.

Direct line: 0800 169 5718 or 020 7463 2690