When the ambulance crew arrived they told me I was having a heart attack. They took me to a specialist centre for angioplasty, where a ‘balloon’ was inflated in my main artery to clear the blockage and improve the blood flow. I’ve no doubt the crew’s quick action saved my life.

Kevin Jolly
Heart attack patient

Health professionals

Information for health professionals can be found on the following pages:

Emergency Bed Service

Our Emergency Bed Service helps NHS healthcare professionals find hospital beds for seriously ill patients. We arrange for around 10,000 patients to be admitted to hospital or transferred between hospitals every year, as well as a range of other services.
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GP information

We know patients benefit when GPs are kept up to date. Here you will find information about the services we provide and how we will deal with your call.
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Patient Transport Service

Our Patient Transport Service offer clinicians a range of transport options to help them with the transfer of their patients. We handle over 3,000 patient journeys a day to over 1,000 treatment centres and have a variety of vehicles designed to meet the different needs of patients.
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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

We have procedures in place for staff to raise concerns about the safety of children or vulnerable adults and for safeguarding professionals to contact us where related information is required.
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Caring for frequent callers

Of all the issues raised by our staff, incidents of persistent and regular callers to the 999 service is one of the most significant.
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Reporting incidents

Other healthcare professionals can also report incidents to us, including requesting information about handover times at emergency departments.
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Reporting incidents

An ambulance on the way to an emergency call