Junior citizen scheme

What is the junior citizen scheme?

Croydon junior citizen eventThis year more than 40,000 Year-Six children (10–11 year olds) attending primary schools throughout London will participate in a unique learning experience called ‘junior citizen’. Coordinated by the Metropolitan Police Service the events are supported by a large and diverse selection of agencies, including us.

Each child is taken through a number of practical scenarios that highlight hazardous situations that they may encounter in their everyday lives. Each session only lasts 10 minutes within which experts deliver a number of safety messages in a fun and entertaining way to ensure maximum impact and retention.

Our junior citizen session - finding someone unconscious

During our session we ask each child to imagine finding someone unconscious. We give advice on what actions are appropriate, with particular emphasis on personal safety. A mock 999 call may be made by one of the children and a volunteer may be asked to demonstrate the recovery position.

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