Alcohol statistics

Some startling statistics from the emergency services show that:

  • Alcohol-related calls are the most common need for an ambulance among 21-30 year olds across London.
  • London Ambulance Service responded to 5,059 alcohol-related incidents last December.
  • There have been 335 accidental alcohol related fires so far in 2015, according to London Fire Brigade.
  • More than half of the people who died in accidental fires last year had alcohol in their bloodstream.        

The top boroughs for alcohol-related calls in December 2014 were:


% of alcohol-related calls
Westminster  9.5
Camden 5.5
Lambeth 5
Southwark  5
 Lewisham  4
  • London Fire Brigade have attended 1,237 accidental alcohol-related fires in the last three years, with crews attending more than one incident a day.
  • 56% of all accidental alcohol-related fires since 2010 have been caused by cooking.