The London Ambulance Service is proud to be a research active organisation.  By developing and hosting research studies we contribute to an evidence base that informs and improves emergency medical care and outcomes in the UK and worldwide.  

The large and diverse population that we serve, with a variety of conditions and health needs, affords us the ability to have a wide ranging research portfolio.  We are able to investigate numerous topics within the field of injuries and emergencies and, being a large organisation, we also explore non-clinical areas including organisational and workforce issues.

In order to carry out research involving our patients, staff or our data you will need to seek Trust R&D approval from our R&D department.   We would advise you to contact us as early as possible to discuss the feasibility of carrying out research with us by contacting our R&D Coordinator Jasmine Palmer Tel: 02077 832504.

Jasmine will also be able to advise on other permissions that may be needed (such as NHS Ethics approval) and funding for your research. 


Head of Clinical Audit & Research:

Dr. Rachael Fothergill-

Research Manager:

Dr. Heloise Mongue-Din-



Contact Us

If you have any queries for our Research and Development Department, please call or email us:

Direct line: 020 7783 2518

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