Patient and staff benefits

We believe that becoming an NHS foundation trust will provide real benefits to us, our patients, our staff and our partners.


Will becoming an NHS foundation trust improve patient care?

Yes. We will have freedom to invest in our development plans so that we can improve the level of care we provide to patients. Improvements will be introduced more effectively and quickly than is currently possible.

In 2008, the Care Quality Commission reported that 92% of the top performing NHS trusts – those that scored excellent for both quality of services and use of resources - were NHS foundation trusts.

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How will we demonstrate improvements to patient care?

By engaging with local communities and partner organisations as well as our patients and staff, and having longer-term plans and funding, we will be able to target resources and investment directly to improve patient care. We will continue to invest in training and development for our frontline staff.

With our membership and Council of Governors. we will have more active engagement with the people of London so we can ensure services are delivered in a way that best meets their needs.

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How will our staff benefit?

Staff will have a greater opportunity to comment upon and influence the decisions that are made about the Service’s future. Staff governors will represent the views of their staff members on the Council of Governors.

Staff governors are elected to the Council of Governors by staff who are members of the NHS foundation trust. Staff will also be able to become more involved with their local community, as we develop opportunities to engage more regularly with our patients and the public.

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